Parents have been asking us:

How do we log in?

1) Log in to Showbie using your existing account (you have used this for English)
2) Click the spanner icon and then “join class”Showbie - classes
3) Enter your class code. Class code will be different for each subject and you can find it on the VLE subject page.

How do we upload work?

Please see this YouTube tutorial.

What is Showbie?

Showbie is a place for pupils to upload their work (be it Word or PowerPoint, or even handwritten, photographed work). The platform allows teachers to mark and feedback in a much more specific and engaging way. Pupils still access their tasks from the VLE, but we’d like them to upload their work to Showbie.

My child’s login details aren’t recognised.

In the vast majority of cases, the username is identical to the one pupils use to login to the school network. In some cases, we’ve emailed separately to let pupils know that it might be slightly different. The password is the same as the username, but it is case sensitive.

How do we upload work?

Here is a video that will show you how to upload work via the Showbie website. Please note that it is for English work only at this stage and we are looking to roll it out for other subjects soon. All other homework needs to be submitted through the school VLE.

It’s asking for a class code. What do we do?

You should be able to log out and log back in again and the class that you have been assigned to will appear. If you click ‘Home,’ you will see your class. If you are using the Showbie app, press “classes” on the bottom left of the screen.

Can other people see my work?

No, it’s completely private between you and your teacher. There is a ‘Class Discussion’ that allows you to ask questions, and for the teacher to share resources for everyone. However, if you want to ask your teacher something without others knowing, you can just ask in the assignment area when you upload work.

You may have heard that the government have announced support with ICT equipment for some families.

This will be means tested and linked to a set criteria. It will be for local authorities to decide if support is to be given. If you feel this might be of benefit to you and you may meet the criteria, please let the school know your details and we will pass them onto Wakefield Local Authority for consideration when the scheme is up and running. We are told this could be several weeks.

School expects all pupils to continue with learning whilst at home. Homework is set for all pupils in all year groups on a weekly basis. You can check what is being set on our Home Learning page. We appreciate parental support during this time.

It is very important that all pupils have a structured day.  As such, they need to be out of bed and ready to work from 0900, in order to undertake learning and family activities.  We are not expecting pupils to follow their normal school timetable for 5 hours each day.  Pupils do need to engage with learning activities and be prepared to share and show what they are doing.

You can either print the PDF file, or simply type up the answers in Word and submit that to the teacher. Alternatively, you can hand write your answers and take a picture of that and submit it.

Your child may have some art work set which means they could photograph their work and upload it.

  1. Place image you require into a folder on the device you are using at home. If the image is large, compress it into a .zip file.
  2. Log in to the VLE and  go to My Home directory. All your documents that you have saved at school will now show.
  3. At the top make a new folder and press OK. Then name the folder (eg. Art Pics) and press OK.
  4. Double click on the new folder you have made and at the top, click arrow and pull down to New File Upload. Press OK and browse for the image that you want to upload onto the school system.
  5. Once you find the image you want to upload, double click it. Press OK.

Not at the moment. However, staff will provide feedback when pupils have sent in their work for comment and review.
In addition, we will also endeavour to contact, by phone, all families for an update and well-being conversation. This will be done on rotation with our more vulnerable pupils being contacted first. The person phoning will introduce themselves by name and explain they are from the school.

Using the VLE is the best option for pupils, if at all possible, as it contains a wide variety of high quality work and activities .
Our plan is not to offer paper copies as an alternative for all pupils but to make sure pupils who cannot access the VLE are catered for. Where pupils cannot access and use the VLE at home because of IT issues, generic work packs for either KS3 or KS4 can be – following prior arrangement – collected from school.
We cannot deliver or post these due to changes in government guidance and reduction in staffing. Please use the Contact School form to request these packs where they are needed.

As a school, we strongly recommend that Year 11 pupils carry on learning, especially in the subjects they are choosing to pursue in the post-16 choice. Check out more information on our Year 11 advice page.

Please rest assured that our Transitions staff are working behind the scenes with your primary school staff to ensure that your child transition to school is as smooth as possible.

We intend to produce a short video and answer all your questions to support your child’s transition from primary school. At this stage, do not worry about uniforms, equipment etc. We will keep the communication with the parents open.

There is plenty of support available both within school, and in the wider area. We have put together a helpful guide on our Wellbeing page.

We have registered all our eligible pupils to receive eCodes as part of the National Voucher scheme. An ‘eCode’ will be sent directly to the parent or carers of pupils(s) eligible for free school meals.

We have put together a quick guide to redeeming your vouchers on our our FSM vouchers page.