Headteacher’s update – 10 July

We have seen another busy week in school with teachers carefully planning how best to start the new academic year from September. This has involved a number of meetings and several tours of the school, as we take into account the current government guidance. What is very clear is that there is a strong ambition to be fully-operational, as a school, from September.

Next week, we will be posting to all families our final update letter for the current academic year, along with an advice and guidance sheet for pupils to read through.

As we start the new year in September we will have a staggered start as well as having changes to how pupils enter school and where year groups can meet up. This is so that we can keep, as far as possible, year groups in separate ‘bubbles’.

In order to maintain the same amount of teaching time, we will be going straight into lessons at 8.45am and having 15-20 minute breaks between lessons. This is to allow year groups to leave and arrive separately and avoid congestion on the corridors. Form time and PSHCE will have a set period each week that will then change the week after. We will take our time to explain these changes to pupils when we see them in school next term.

To give families time to support our September start, the first week in school will look like this:

Monday 07 September: Staff training day. School closed to all pupils.

Tuesday 08 September: Year 7 only. To allow us a full day for induction.

Wednesday 09 September: Year 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Thursday 10 September: All year groups in school.

School will end at the normal time of 3.05pm with a staggered exit for the pupils. Do please give careful consideration to where you will be meeting your children, if you are picking them up by car. The front of school needs to be kept as clear as possible for safety reasons.

If your child will be travelling to and from school by bus, we would encourage you to check the bus operation and times. This is because we have been made aware that bus travel has seen a restricted offer.

Do please continue to view and reference the school’s website. There is a lot of information, including a number of videos, that will help pupils and families both with the final week in school as well as the start in September.

Over recent weeks, we have seen a lot of activity supporting upgrades for the school site. These have included:

  • Continued building work on the new 6 classroom and gym complex on the old car park. This should be ready for January 2021.
  • New roofing going onto the old gym and hall areas – for September.
  • Creation of a new dance studio and pupil eating area in the old gym – for September.
  • Painting and new flooring in some areas of school.
  • Replacement heating and air-conditioning in the DT and art areas of school. This is part of a 4-year rolling programme that will see the full replacement of our heating system.

It is hard to believe that next week is the end of a very different and somewhat challenging academic year for everyone. Today in school, I have done a brief introduction video for our incoming Year 7 and we are so much looking forward to seeing them and all our other year groups back in school.

This week, I read the definitive biography of Jurgen Klopp, the charismatic and fun-loving Liverpool manager, called ‘Bring the Noise’. I am more of a rugby person than a football follower but I really did enjoy the book as it really reinforces the need to treat each day as a new one and to have a positive outlook.

Over the last few months, the school has been far too quiet and we look forward to our pupils returning to school and ‘bringing the noise!’ As I said to the new Year 7, Kettlethorpe High School really is a great place to go to school. It is great that we are getting near to normal times once again.

Be sure to enjoy the weekend with your families. Stay safe.

Yours sincerely,

T Griffiths


10 July 2020