Remote learning

How can pupils carry on learning at home?

In case of temporary school closure or any pupil having to self-isolate, we have a variety of learning platforms available for remote learning:

Learning material will be provided  – in most cases teachers will host pre-recorded lessons, links and resources using Showbie class. Pupils need to make sure they have Showbie class codes for all their subjects in the planner.

Please note: the school expects all pupils who are feeling well and are at home isolating to engage with learning. We expect that all work set will be completed by pupils.

Can pupils access live lessons?

We will endeavor to live broadcast or offer pre-recorded lessons for pupils to access. We are committed to ensuring pupils can continue to follow our school curriculum. If the lessons are live, they will be accessible via Microsoft Teams link in pupil’s Showbie class.

All pupils have access to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams whilst attending the school. Pupils’ school email address follows the pattern, e.g. Pupils’ password is the same as school network password.

Pupils will be able to communicate with teachers using their Showbie class accounts.

What to do if pupils cannot access learning online?

For pupils not able to access learning online we ask that you contact the pupil’s Year Manager. They will then contact the relevant subject teachers and ensure work is directed to pupils as soon as possible for completion at home.


If pupils are self-isolating at home, they should organise their daily timetable based on their normal timetable and on what work is set in their Showbie classes.

In case of a temporary school closure or whole year group bubble being sent home, we will communicate their timetable with the pupils.

Acceptable use of digital platforms

All remote learning and communication should be completed with the usual high expectations of behaviour:

  1. One to one online meetings should be avoided regardless of the digital learning platform.
  2. Pupils should use only their own accounts when communicating on online platforms.
  3. All communication made should be respectful and not offensive to others, this includes the sharing of images, sounds and written material.
  4. Any online meetings should not be recorded on mobile devices without the host permission.
  5. Rules defined by the host teacher should be respected. For example, the host may ask you to turn the microphones off or to answer questions specifically directed to you.
  6. It might be helpful to place your device on a table and avoid background noises if possible. Appropriate clothing should be worn for any video based distance learning.