Home learning

Learning set for w/c 1 June 2020

By clicking on the year links below you can see all home learning activities which are set for pupils this week. Pupils should complete the core task for each subject they study.

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Home learning support

Parents may find this guidance on how to create a positive learning environment at home useful.

If you need to contact school or your teacher, please use this form.


To support parents and pupils with planning, organising and structuring home learning, we have provide exemplar study timetables. These are guides only and can be edited to tailor the needs of your individual circumstances. A reminder that pupils in Year 11 should continue their learning, preparing for post-16 education and training.

Year 7 & 8

Time Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
9-10 am English Computing Art or Textiles English Language
10–11 am Math Science Math Math Art or Textiles
11–12 pm PE Performing Arts or Music English Language PE
1–2 pm Science History DT or Food Tech Geography DT or Food Tech

Year 9, 10 & 11

Time Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri
9-10 am English Science English Science Maths
10–11 am Maths Geography/History Maths Geography/History English
11–12 pm Choice subject Language Science Language Choice subject
1–2 pm Science Choice subject Choice subject English Geography/History

Additional resources

We would encourage our pupils to do some reading, watching a film/documentary based on historical events/BBC daily programme (via red button)/BBC 4, cooking, gardening, playing a musical instrument or viewing online museums from across the globe. Some useful links as examples:

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

Oak Academy have opened access to their daily lessons





For our Year 7 pupils who are following the PiXL Edge, there are many suggested activities – try and complete 10 to get a certificate. Let’s use the time at home to develop your sense of self and your character.

School VLE

School has made every effort to upload learning materials, advice and information that pupils can then access from home. Pupils have their own logons to the VLE and should be using this to support them with their learning.  They also have access to other educational websites such as:

Here is a quick guide on how to access the VLE and the learning resources.

You can get help with uploading work, accessing resources at VLE Help Zone. Just look out for a VLE Help on the top menu.

VLE Help Zone

Forgot your VLE password?

Should a pupil or a parent require support with logging onto our IT systems such as school VLE / Edulink they need to use the following link to log a support request.

If you have used the VLE before and your email address is registered with school then use the ‘Search by Email Address’ function. If you have not registered your email address with us or used the VLE before then please click on the Red support button in the bottom right of the screen.