What is happening with Year 11?

Should Year 11 pupils be studying?

As a school, we strongly recommend that Year 11 pupils carry on learning, especially in the subjects they are choosing to pursue in the post-16 choice. Online materials are provided in all subjects on the school VLE and teaching staff will be marking any work that is submitted to them.

We do expect that post-16 providers will undertake their own assessments of your ability on arrival in September. This may be in the form of internal tests and examinations. Be sure you are well prepared for these!

We are offering Year 11 pupils the exciting opportunity to sign up to an additional course offered by Eton College. Details will be texted and emailed to you on Monday 20th April 2020 if you wish to enrol. The course title is ‘Resilience’. For further details see click on the link https://etonx.com/courses/resilience

GCSE 2020

On 3rd April, Ofqual published information and guidance for schools & colleges, students and parents on awarding grades this summer. Please read this carefully. Highlights include:

  1. How will grades be calculated?
    Your school or college will be asked to send exam boards two pieces of information for each of your subjects, based on what they know about your work and achievements:
    • the grade they believe you were most likely to get if teaching, learning and exams had happened as planned
    • within each subject, the order of students at your school or college, by performance, for each grade. This information will be used to standardise judgements – allowing fine tuning of the standard applied across schools and colleges
    Your school or college will consider a range of things like your classwork and homework; your results in assignments and any mock exams; any non-exam assessment or coursework you might have done; and your general progress during your course.
  2. Can I see the grades my school/college submits for me?
    No, this information will be confidential. Please don’t ask your teachers, or anyone else at your school or college, to tell you the grades they will be sending to the exam boards or where they have placed you in the order of students; they will not be allowed to share this with you.
  3. When will I get my results?
    20 August 2020

Your college application

Colleges have written to Year 11 pupils and their parents with the next steps in their transition. Please contact your college / training provider for more information.