Year 11

GCSE results

The results day is Thursday, 20th August. Pupils will receive their exam results on the Edulink app.  The results will be available from 8.00am.  A printed copy will be put in the post on Thursday. Read a full letter to Year 11 explaining the process.

How to get your results on Edulink

Log onto Edulink app (pupils can use their usual school login) and click on the Exams icon.

On the next screen the menu at the top right gives these three options.  Click on exam results to see a list of all your results for this summer.

What your grades look like

When you go to the results page, you will see a list that looks like this:

The middle column gives you the name of the examination, and the next column to the right gives you the grade that you achieved. Subjects may appear more than once if they are composed of units or modules.  Only one of the lines will show the overall subject grade.

This graphic shows the grades that you might achieve and their equivalence on the 1 to 9 scale.  The grades may be abbreviated, for example a level 2 distinction* could be shown as L2D* or D*2:

Contacting school

Please note that we are not accepting phone calls at school on Thursday until 12 noon. This is as our phone lines are likely to be engaged at this time.

To contact school with any exam results queries, please email giving your phone number so that someone from school can ring you as soon as possible from 9.00am onwards on the results day.

Alternatively, you can use this online form, which will be activated on Results Day.

Careers / Colleges

Careers advice is available from Sally Hodgkinson on either or 0770 287 7355.

Barnsley College: upload your results using their app. Barnsley will let you know when they will ring you to complete your enrolment.

Greenhead College: log in to their Moodle site, following the instructions in the pre-enrolment pack sent out in early August.

New College: have set up appointments for you on enrolment day.

Wakefield College: 01924 789 481 or use the chat option on their website.

Exam stress and pressure

Taking exams can be stressful. These external sources have some robust information:

> have a look at Childline and YoungMinds or read this pupil leaflet (for pupils)

> NHS and YoungMinds have relevant advice (for parents/carers).