Knowledge Organisers

What exactly are Knowledge Organisers?

The Knowledge Organiser (KO) comprises a book and a ring binder.  Each half term KO sheet from each subject will be given to pupils.  Also included in the binder are a number of revision strategies that pupils can use, along with links to videos demonstrating these approaches.

Pupils are also given a plastic wallet for current Knowledge Organiser sheets, and once a sheet is finished with, it will be stored in the ring binder and kept at home. This will build into a valuable reference and revision resource over the year.

Why we are using Knowledge Organisers?

The benefits of using Knowledge Organisers are multiple. With regular use, our pupils will:

  • Know the most important aspects of the half term unit of work in each subject
  • Regularly revise short sections of the knowledge required in each subject, leading to long term retention of knowledge
  • Develop revision skills suitable to the knowledge being revised
  • Have a bank of revision resources for each subject.

How will the school utilise Knowledge Organisers?

Staff will set short revision homework each week for each subject. This will need to be completed in the knowledge book and ticked in the planner. Pupils may then have a short factual test in class on the work revised. Here is a handy guide on how Knowledge Organisers can be used for revision.

Other homework will be set alongside the revision tasks, for example in mathematics, pupils will use Hegarty Maths website as part of their home learning.

Tutors will review the use of Knowledge Organisers.


As a school we are enthusiastic about using Knowledge Organisers and feel that they will provide a very valuable resource for pupils.  We would similarly hope that, as parents, you can also see the value of Knowledge Organisers as they enable you to be more involved in your child’s learning and revision.  Please use the KO to discuss classwork, homework and revision with your child.

We do expect both the plastic folder and the book to be brought in to school each day, just as the planner is, so that it is available in every lesson and in tutor time.

Can I access Knowledge Organisers online?

Each pupils will be issued with the printed Knowledge Organiser. However, the same resources are also available online here so that you can download or print them again.

Below are a couple of examples of subject sheets:

example of Knowledge Organiser - history example of Knowledge Organiser - Chemistry