Kettlethorpe barge through to the semis but are eventually stopped

5-a-side group stage delight and penalty pressure, Kettlethorpe unfortunately lose after a good fight in the semis.

In the group stages, Kettleethorpe hosted a group of: Airedale, Cathedral, Minsthorpe and De Lacey.

First Kettlethorpe played Airedale, the game begun and in the 1st minute Airedale got a goal as Kettlethorpe were not yet adjusted with fast paced game shenanigans, 1-0. Two minutes in and Lemar performed a great goal line clearance to deny Airedale a certain goal. However, in the 3rd minute Airedale, helped by the lack of offside scored again reinforcing their lead. An interception from Airedale finds its way in the goal after Kettlethorpe were too busy thinking attack. To regain a sliver of hope, Jude scored a rebound volley to make it 3-1 at the end of the match.

Next, Kettlethorpe played Minsthorpe. After the quick goal in the first game Kettlethorpe are being reinforced with their defending and eventually Tyler wins a penalty. Lemar takes the penalty and converts it to make the score 1-0.  Three minutes in Lemar scores again to make it 2-0 to Kettlethorpe; a minute later Lemar gets his third goal and wraps up the match.

After this Kettlethorpe played Cathedral and in the 2nd minute Cathedral gain possession and manage to score on the counter after a few missed chances from Kettlethorpe.  However, in the 3rd minute Lemar brings it back to tie the game 1-1 and in the 4th minute Jude scores a great goal to give Kettlethorpe the lead.  In dying moments Lemar scores a power shot sending the ball flying into the top corner, to make it 3-1.

The final game of the group stage was Kettlethorpe vs De Lacey.  In the first moments De Lacey shock Kettlethorpe (who thought this was going to be an easy game) with an early lead.  In the 4th minute after some back and forth play De Lacey get another on the counter to finish the game 2-0.

Fortunately, Kettlethorpe manage to get to the knockout stage with Airedale and are playing Carleton.

Luckily in the first minute Lemar gets an early goal, the pressure showing in Carleton’s performance.  In true England fashion, Kettlethorpe let Carleton score in the last moments to make the final score 1-1.  The penalty shootout between Carleton and Kettlethorpe luckily ended 3-2 to Kettlethorpe after Ollie scores the decisive penalty.

In the semi-finals Kettlethorpe play Airedale again to hopefully come out on top this time.  In the 2nd minute Kettlethorpe gain the lead against the odds with a header from Lemar putting them 1-0 up.  Unfortunately, Airedale managed to keep their nerves in check and score to equalise in the 4th minute and once again to take the lead in the 5th ending Kettlethorpe’s hopes of success.

Lemar won Player of the Tournament with his astonishing 7 goals in six games.

He admitted that ‘Kettlethorpe were unlucky to be defeated’ but he thought Airedale deserved their place in the final.

By Nat Morgan