At Kettlethorpe we designed our curriculum to be broad, balanced, relevant and responsive to the needs of our pupils and their community. We have remodelled our KS4 offer to enable pupils to gain the best set of qualifications with exams taken at the end of Year 11.

KS3 - Year 7 and 8

The vast majority of pupils follow the curriculum shown below, with a small number supported in the Diamonds nurture group for some lessons.

SubjectLessons per weekGrouping arrangement
English4Broad ability groups
Maths4Ability groups
Science3Ability groups
PE3Mixed ability groups
Modern Languages2Ability groups
Design Technology2Mixed ability groups
Art1Tutor groups
Drama1Tutor groups
ICT1Tutor groups
Geography1Ability groups
History1Ability groups
Music1Tutor groups
RE1Tutor groups

KS4 - Year 9,10 and 11

The expectations of the KS4 curriculum have significantly changed in the last few years. All pupils who leave school will now be judged on their success under the following changing GCSE measures as they progress onto the sixth form education, college, apprenticeship or training:

  • Progress 8 - progress in their best 8 GCSEs (must include 5 from English/maths/science/history or geography, modern foreign language)
  • Attainment 8 - best 8 GCSE pass grades (as above)
  • English and maths GCSE pass grade
  • EBacc - 5 GCSE pass grades (English, maths, science or computer science, history or geography and modern foreign language)

As a result of these significant changes we have remodelled our curriculum offer in Years 9 and 10 to enable pupils to gain the best set of qualifications with exams taken at the end of Year 11. Our new curriculum pathway ensures all pupils have the most valuable set of qualifications to access the highest level of post-16 education and training possible in the competitive future economy. In devising our new curriculum model, we have worked closely with staff, parents and pupils and have consulted fully with our governing body.

We are responding to government guidance that it is essential for schools to strive for high standards, stating as they do: "it can be of more benefit for pupils to strive for good grades in fewer subjects with a strong emphasis on doing well in English and mathematics, than to take more subjects but achieve lower grades overall." In all future academic year groups, we will be moving towards a three-year Key Stage 4 model.

English4 (5 in Y9)English Language and English Literature GCSEs
Maths4Maths GCSE
Science6 (5 in Y9)Dual award or Triple Science GCSE
Modern Language3French or Spanish GCSE
Geography or History3Geography or History GCSE
Option 12open choice subject
Option 22open choice subject

Pupils in current Year 8 & 9 are able to choose TWO subject choices from the following:

  • Art & Design (Fine Art) GCSE
  • Business Studies GCSE
  • Child Development Technical Award
  • Computer Science GCSE
  • Dance GCSE
  • Design Technology GCSE
  • Design & Technology: Visual Communication (Graphics) AQA Technical Award
  • Design & Technology: Food Preparation & Nutrition GCSE
  • Drama GCSE
  • Health & Social Care Technical Award
  • Media Studies GCSE
  • Music GCSE
  • Religious Studies GCSE
  • Textile Design GCSE

Exam boards we use:

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