Year 6 Transition FAQs

As we cannot talk to you in person, as we normally do when we visit your primary school, here are a couple of videos for all Year 6 pupils and their parents. Check this page regularly to ensure you aren’t missing any key information, as the video clips will be updated every few weeks.

We hope these will provide answers to frequently asked questions, introduce you to some key faces, and you may be set some little challenges for the summer as well.

Uniform update – you will be able to pre-order school uniform online, we will be launching the online shop mid-June and will post a link to it here and on social media.
On receipt of your order, staff in school will pack up garments for payment and collection; collection will be available from 10th August 2020, in the Sports Hall.  Unfortunately, we will currently be unable to offer a “trying on” service which means you will need to use the sizing guide that can be found on the order form. We will also not accept cash on payment. Thank you for your support on this.

The school are following the Department for Education guidance around induction day and would like all parents and carers to be aware that “visits to secondary schools for induction will not take place this year”.

However, please be assured the Transition team are working hard to put in plans for an induction package as and when the Government allow it.

You will be able to enter through the main gate at the front of school or the side gate on Kettlethorpe Hall Drive.

There will be plenty of lovely staff and helpers to show you where to go and lots of signs to make sure you get the right place. You will be directed onto the top playground where you will see a sign with your tutor group on, for example 7K1, and then line up in alphabetical order with your tutor group and your form tutors.

Everyone is really friendly and helpful so don’t worry. We will help you get to the right place.

No need to worry about getting lost, you won’t really be lost, but at some point you may be unsure where your classroom is: you don’t need to panic.

All our teachers and pupils are really helpful, all you need to do is ask and someone will point you in the right direction or often, walk you to lesson.

Most of our building is in a square shape across two floors with a one-way system, and all the classroom doors are clearly labelled. You will additionally have a tour of the school and be provided with a map on your first day. By October, you will be brilliant at knowing your way around. Trust us!

All your work will be specific and targeted towards your own ability level, this will be different for everyone. If the work is too easy you will become bored and uninterested, so the work will be challenging but still achievable.

We work very closely with primary schools to find out your ability levels and any additional support you might need.

If there is a piece of work you are finding difficult, you can speak to your teacher as they will be able to help you and explain it in a different way. There may be some resources or books to help you, and we also have a Homework Club each week after school until 4pm where you could get support.

We would expect you to get between 2-3 hours of homework a week.

To make sure you keep on top of your homework, you will be given a school planner where you can write everything down and the date it is due in. It is best to do your homework the night you get it, then you know it has been completed and you won’t forget to do it.

Reading is a key expectation of homework so we hope you are already making a start of this whilst learning from home.

Check out the school day’s timings here.

You should arrive at school by around 8.30am and be in your tutor room for 8.40.

One day a week, instead of tutor time, you will have assembly with your Year Manager and different guest speakers. The school day finishes a 3.05 where you will make your own way home or stay for an after school club. Bells sound at the end of each session so that you know when you go to the next lesson or break time.

Year 7 spend break and lunch time on the top playground outside reception where you have the chance to socialise with friends, eat lunch or snacks or read and sit on the benches.

There are also lunch time clubs such as football, the library or The Cross Project to go to. We find break and lunch time flies by.

At Kettlethorpe High School we offer lots of extracurricular opportunities in a variety of different subjects. A few examples of clubs that have run this year for Year 7 are: Science club, History of the musicals, Choirs, Music clubs, Art club, Homework club, PE clubs like football, netball, gymnastics, rounders and more.

We love it if pupils take their transition to secondary school as a chance to try something new and join a club: you can go to as many as you like. It is also a great way of meeting new people and making friends. When you start at Kettlethorpe High School, there will be an extracurricular timetable outlining all the activities on offer.

At Kettlethorpe HIgh School the Year 7 motto is Be the best you can be.

Teachers will reward positive behaviour, good work, correct uniform and helpfulness by giving you merits to put on your merit card. When you have filled a merit card, you will go into a prize draw to win something in assembly.

We also recognise achievements and effort by sending postcards and letters home, inviting you to hot chocolate with the Headteacher and rewarding groups with a take away pizza lunch. At the end of the year, pupils who have maintained high standards all year will be invited to go on the Year 7 rewards trip to a theme park. We went to Lightwater Valley last year with over 270 Year 7 and it was fantastic!

Yes, Kettlethorpe has a specific school uniform, making each of you look part of the Kettlethorpe High School community. More information can be found on these pages.

We are working closely with primary schools and the Year 6 teachers to collect all key information and data to ensure a smooth transition into Year 7 at Kettlethorpe High School.

Primary colleagues and Kettlethorpe staff have positive relationships and both parties are working collaboratively to meet pupil needs. However, if you feel there is new information that the primary may not be aware of, you are welcome to contact us on

We collect information from your primary schools and ask them to recommend learning partners. These are peers that work well together to bring out the best in each other.

We do not take requests to be with friends as this is a great opportunity to meet new people, and as a school we have found this to be a very successful approach. If your child is coming from a school where they are the only pupil, we would place them in a tutor group where there are other’s in the same situation so that they can support each other.

If your child was unsuccessful in their application to Kettlethorpe High School, there is an appeals process to follow on the Local Authority website:

The uniform requirements can be found here.

More information regarding this will be published at a later date due to COVID-19. We thank you for your support and patience with this matter.

Each day pupils will be required to have a blue or black pen, pencil, rubber, ruler, compass, protractor and calculator. We advise coloured pencils and a sharpener would be useful. Additionally, pupils will be provided with a school planner. A strong and sturdy school bag will be needed to carry equipment and school books for the day. We do not provide lockers. Equipment checks will be done daily during registration; it would be a good idea to practice being organised with all the equipment you need. Here is our Equipment page and the Dress Code page.

We are working hard to ensure each individual has a settled and positive start to their journey at Kettlethopre High School.

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm additional transition dates at this moment but we have plans in place for supporting Year 6 pupils and these will be as soon as we have the go-ahead.

If your child has a special educational need that you would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact our SENCO, Mrs Mumby on

We always conduct baseline assessments with pupils near the start of their 5 year learning journey at Kettlethorpe High School so that we have an accurate understanding of their ability and to ensure we accurately support progress.

We are in close contact with primary schools will be advising us of individual abilities and levels during the summer term.