Pupils’ return to school – March 2021

All pupils who have consented for the Lateral Flow Test will return to school as follows:
Monday 08 March: Year 11 pupils
Tuesday 09 March: Year 10 pupils
Wednesday 10 March: Year 7 pupils
Thursday 11 March: Year 9 pupils
Friday 12 March: Second LFD test for Year 11 and 10 pupils
Monday 15 March: Year 8 pupils.

Pupils without a consent for the Lateral Flow Test will be able to return to school the day after their year group have been tested. This is in line with the government’s expectations for full pupil return to school.

Future testing of pupils and staff who have consented will involve LFD home test kits. This will  allow for twice weekly home testing. Results need to be reported either online or by telephone to Public Health and also school. Details to follow. The school will also retain a small onsite testing site to support pupils who are unable or unwilling to test themselves at home.

In the first instance, there will be no extra-curricular activities and pupils will be expected to leave school at the end of their school day. School will update  families when after school activities will resume.

Pupils will have access to food at lunch and breaktimes and will be given information on this and other routines as they return to lessons and school. Pupils will need to have their own personal equipment for use in lessons and will return to their normal routine timetables on their first day in school.

Please see the Lateral Flow Test Risk Assessment.

March 2021