PiXL Edge

At Kettlethorpe High we want to make sure that we do everything possible to equip our pupils with the skills necessary for success. It is with this goal in mind that we have launched PiXL Edge framework with our Year 7 pupils currently at school.

PiXL Edge and home learning

For our Year 7 pupils who are following the PiXL Edge, there are many suggested activities – try and complete 10 to get a certificate. Let’s use the time at home to develop your sense of self and your character.

What is PiXL Edge?

It is a framework which lets pupils develop personal attributes essential for future life, college applications and employability. It will also accredit their achievement focusing on the following 5 attributes:

  • Leadership
  • Organisations
  • Resilience
  • Initiative
  • Communication

PiXL Edge attributes

How to access it?

Each Year 7 pupil will receive their login for this website: https://theedge.pixl.org.uk/

How does it work?

Our Year 7 pupils are starting at PiXL Edge Apprentice level. Each pupils needs to achieve 2 credits in each of the five categories, the examples below outline the types of activities which can be credited as part of the Apprentice Level:

Leadership (2 credits required)

Make a presentation in front of governors of the school (1 credit)
Lead a coaching session in PE (1 credit)
Obtain a position of responsibility in a school club (1 credit)
Teach an element of a lesson in school (1 credit)

Organisation (2 credits required)

Organise a small scale fundraising activity (1 credit)
Lead an activity at a uniformed organisation (1 credit)
Compose musical piece for a single instrument or voice which is performed (1 credit)
Help teach in the running of a lunchtime or after school activity (1 credit)

Initiative (2 credits required)

Create a high quality wall display independently for a subject department (1 credit)
Volunteer and lead a tutor activity (1 credit)
Enter a national design or creative competition (1 credit)
Enter a school or regional subject based competition (1 credit)

Resilience (2 credits required)

Achieve a grade 3 music qualification (1 credit)
Complete a residential outdoor activity course (1 credit)
Complete a 5K fun run (1 credit)
Attend a chosen club every week across a term (1 credit)

Communication (2 credits required)

Create an anti-litter/pro recycling campaign in school (1 credit)
Contribute towards an article for the school website, Facebook or Twitter page (1 credit)
Perform in a school production (1 credit)
Two minute formal speech on a subject of your choice (1 credit)

Every activity must be evidenced and signed off by a member of staff. Once pupils gain 10 credits, they will be accredited with an ‘Apprentice’ level.

We are very keen to use this scheme to recognise things our pupils do that are not linked to exam success, and give credit for the sorts of things that good citizens do and which help them grow. We are looking forward to following the challenges our Year 7 will be trying.

Where can I find more information?

Watch this video:

You may also find this PowerPoint, which includes a step-by-step guide, informative.