Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments

Access arrangements and reasonable adjustments are pre-examination adjustments for pupils based on evidence of need. The arrangement(s) put in place must reflect the support given to the pupil in the school, which is commonly referred to as ‘normal way of working’.

Access arrangements fall into distinct categories:

• arrangements that are delegated to centres

• arrangements requiring awarding body prior approval

• modified papers

Appropriate evidence for both centre delegated arrangements and those requiring awarding body approval must be held on a file for each individual pupil (where required).

Arrangements must be agreed, evidenced, approved by the awarding body (where approval is required), and in place before pupils take an exam/assessment.

Pupils should be made aware of the arrangements that have been made for them, how these will be applied in their exams/assessments and any exceptions where the arrangement(s) will not be allowed.