At Kettlethorpe High School, pupils will:

  • experience a broad, deep and knowledge rich curriculum;
  • be literate and numerate;
  • have high expectations for their behaviour and achievement;
  • build their character;
  • develop their cultural, social, moral, mental and physical development;
  • secure foundations for progression.

Check our full curriculum intent and policy.

Year 7 and 8

Pupils in Year 7 & Year 8 follow the curriculum below. There is an increased emphasis on these two year groups to ensure that pupils are fully prepared for their GCSE qualifications. In Year 7 & 8 most pupils will follow a balanced and broad curriculum which includes the subjects below.
A small number of pupils will be selected to follow a slightly alternative curriculum which meets their individual needs.

Subject Lessons per week Grouping
English 5 Mixed ability groups
Maths 4 Ability groups
Science 3 Ability groups
Physical Education 2 Mixed ability groups
Modern Languages 2 Mixed ability groups
DT / Computing / Food 3 Mixed ability groups
Art & Design 1 Mixed ability groups
Drama 1 Mixed ability groups
Geography 1 Mixed ability groups
History 1 Mixed ability groups
Music 1 Mixed ability groups
Religious Studies 1 Mixed ability groups

Year 9, 10 and 11

In Years 9, 10 & 11 pupils will follow the curriculum below. The majority of pupils will study English, Maths, Science, History or Geography, French or Spanish and Physical Education.

Subject Lessons per week Qualification
English 5 English Language and English Literature GCSEs
Maths 4 Maths GCSE
Science 6 (4 in Y9) Combined Science or Triple Science GCSE
PE 1 (2 in Y9)
Modern Language 2.5 (3 in Y9) French or Spanish GCSE
Geography or History 2.5 (3 in Y9) Geography or History GCSE
Option 1 2 open choice subject
Option 2 2 open choice subject

Pupils will then have the choice of a further two subjects. These subjects are wide ranging and change slightly each year depending on the resource available. However, in most cases these will include:

  • Art & Design (Fine Art) GCSE
  • Art & Design (Graphic Communication) GCSE
  • Art & Design (Textile Design) GCSE
  • Citizenship GCSE
  • Computer Science GCSE
  • Dance GCSE
  • Drama GCSE
  • Design & Technology GCSE
  • Hospitality & Catering Vocational Award
  • ICT  Creative iMedia Cambridge National
  • Media Studies GCSE
  • Music GCSE
  • Outdoor Pursuits OCR National
  • Religious Studies GCSE
  • Sports Studies Cambridge National

A small number of pupils will be selected to follow a slightly alternative curriculum which meets their individual needs.

Exam boards we use: