Whole school literacy

Literacy generates the development of effective skills in communication. To be literate is to be able to listen, speak, read and write at a level necessary to function in education, at work and in society.

Principal aims of Kettlethorpe High School Literacy Plan

  • To develop a shared understanding, between all staff, of the role of literacy in pupils’ learning
  • To create a literacy-rich school community that raises literacy attainment levels for every pupil
  • To promote, encourage and facilitate a love of reading across the curriculum
  • To create a shared responsibility to help pupils communicate effectively both in school and in preparation for the working world
  • To identify pupils who required additional support and provide effective interventions which are measured for their impact
  • To create and promote a shared responsibility for literacy across all departments. It is the collective responsibility of all staff, in all curriculum areas, to ensure that high levels of literacy are consistently implemented to improve standards and raise levels of attainment and create effective communicators for the outside world.

Download our full Literacy Expectations guide.

Literacy Tuition

Following the whole school reading tests in the autumn term 2021, we have decided to use the additional Covid-related funding to offer Literacy Lasts Reading Tuition to a selected group of pupils. As reading skills are clearly the foundation of robust literacy skills, we have selected this group of pupils to benefit from a boost of reading tuition with the school staff.

More details on the school’s rationale for this intervention can be viewed in the video clip from our Literacy Leader below:

Recommended Reading

Here are some recommendations for books young people might enjoy. We have put them in the age appropriate lists and hope that they will encourage independent reading.

Most of these titles are available in the school library:

Accelerated Reading

All pupils in Year 7 and 8 also participate in our Accelerated Reading programme, which involves a reading session in the library and a computer-based quiz to confirm understanding.

This programme has been shown to have great impact nationally and we regularly see substantial improvements in pupils’ reading ages over the course of a year. It personalises reading for each pupil and makes reading practice fun.

Accelarated Reader book finder – a website where you can check if a book is included in the Accelerated Reader scheme and what level it is.

Scholastic Book Club

You can purchase books for you child through Scholastic website and help our school get free books and resources. Many thanks to all families who have supported us in this way already!