Remote learning

The school provides remote learning for pupils in a variety of formats. If pupils are at home, and well enough, they should organise their daily timetable based on their normal timetable and on what work is set in their Microsoft Teams classes.

If pupils are absent for a prolonged period of time, we will work with them to catch up with any learning lost. Unlike Covid-19, there will be no live lessons but there will be materials and resources on various platforms so pupils can work from home. If requested, subject teachers will populate Microsoft Teams and other appropriate platforms with relevant work.

If the school is dealing with significant staff absence, any delay in posting curriculum content in line with the scheme of work can be supported through work already posted in the subject area via Microsoft Teams. This can be further supported by topic-related searches using online platforms, eg. Sparx Maths, GCSEPod or The Oak Academy.

Please note: the school expects all pupils who are feeling well and are at home isolating to engage with learning. We expect that all work set will be completed by pupils.

Pupil Guide to Microsoft 365 and Remote Learning

Pupil guide to handing in assignments via Teams

Knowledge Organisers

Pupils can support their remote learning by using the subject Knowledge Organisers. All pupils have been issued with Knowledge Organisers for all their subjects.

Acceptable use of Digital Platforms