Class Charts

Kettlethorpe High School has linked up with Class Charts to offer parents/carers direct access to their child’s school data. The app is available to download on your phone or access via a web browser. Follow these links to download the app iPhone / Android

Why do we use Class Charts?

  • It allows the school to display your child’s positive and negative behaviours.
  • Helps pupils see their own progress and reflect upon their achievement & behaviour. Both positive and negative points can be seen.
  • Real time updates relating to your child

To effectively keep track of pupil behaviour, all sanctions have an appropriate negative behaviour point linked to the action of the pupil.

At the end of every school year, negative behaviour points are reset to zero.

At Kettlethorpe High School, we have a clear systematic approach for pupils who do not meet classroom expectations, prevent effective teaching, and disrupt the learning of others.