Key Stage 4

GCSE Design Technology
For the GCSE in Design Technology, assessment is by a long project (Controlled Assessment) and a 2hr written examination. 50% of the marks are for the Project which includes designing and making. The design folder is approximately 20 sides of A3 and documents the development of the final product from an initial brief which is set by the examination board.

During Year 9 and Year 10 pupils will develop their practical skills and knowledge through a series of small projects offering pupils to develop an understanding of different material and manufacturing practices. With this pupils will also learn technology topics though theory lessons based on content covered in the exam for Year 11.

Topics of learning include:

  • Graphic and technical drawing skills and techniques;
  • Materials and their properties;
  • Tools, machinery and industrial practices;
  • Ergonomics and anthropometrics;
  • Sustainability and the environment

KS4 projects include: MP3 speaker, design movement themed clock project.
For the project pupils are given a design brief from the exam board where they will produce a design folder and manufacture a product using the skills developed during Year 9 and Year 10.

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