Key Stage 4

The History GCSE exam is with Edexcel and made up of 5 units within three exams that are completed at the end of Year 11:

Study in Depth (World History) – American West : 1830-95

Skills/Source Study of Modern History – USA at Home and Abroad : 1954-1975

Study in Depth (British History) – Elizabethan England : 1558-1588

Study of Change Over Time (World History) –  Medicine Through Time : 1250 – now (present day)  and The Western Front (1914-1918)

KS4 pupils also study two non-examined units of Conflict in the Middle East and The Changing Role of Women 1950-1970. This is to help them develop their skills prior to their GCSE studies.

Here is a recommended wider reading list for KS4 pupils.