Curriculum Overview Media Studies

Pupils are given the opportunity to study GCSE Media Studies during Years 9, 10 and 11. However, the units of work undertaken by pupils during KS3 ICT help prepare pupils’ understanding of the media.

Pupils will study a range of media forms in terms of a theoretical framework which consists of media language, representation, media industries and audiences. The following forms are studied in depth through applying all areas of the framework: newspapers, television, music video and online, social and participatory media. Advertising and marketing, film, video games, radio and magazines are studied in relation to selected areas of the framework.

The GCSE is split into three components:

Component 1: Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes, 40% of qualification, 80 marks.

This component provides a foundation for analysing media products, introducing pupils to media language and representation through the study of print media forms. Pupils will develop their ability to analyse media language, representations and meanings in a range of media products

Component 2: Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes, 30% of qualification, 60 marks.

In this component pupils will explore particular media forms in depth through both of the following topics: 1) Television: crime drama or sitcom 2) Music: music video and online media.

Component 3: Non-exam assessment: internally assessed and externally moderated by WJEC. 30% of qualification

Pupils will develop a response to their chosen brief by creating a production aimed at the specified intended audience.

Here is a recommended wider reading list for KS4 pupils.

How to support pupil learning:
Pupils have access to a range of software from the latest Microsoft Office 2010 to the full Adobe CS6 suite at school. We also have the latest Green Screen technology available for pupils to use when they are creating trailers.
Finally, we have access to a full assortment of audio-visual equipment and video editing software to support pupils learning of the key Media concepts. Parents could encourage their children to practise the skills that have been developed in their lessons.