Key Stage 3

At KS3, pupils study a wide range of topics covering the human body, chemical reactions including acids and alkalis, plus forces and electricity. The teaching of investigative skills is embedded as part of the curriculum. There are end-of-topic assessments plus assessed tasks within each topic and pupils are given regular feedback as to how to achieve their target levels.

Year 7 topics include:

  • Investigation Skills
  • Cells, Tissues & Organs
  • Atoms, Elements and Compounds
  • Mixtures and Separation
  • Animal and Plant Reproduction
  • Electricity
  • Forces

Year 8 topics include:

  • Nutrition
  • Microbes and Disease
  • Breathing & Respiration
  • Acids and Alkalis
  • Reactivity
  • Periodic Table
  • Space
  • Magnets, Electromagnets and Heat
  • Light and Sound

Please read the KS3 Progression Steps for Year 7 and 8