Hospitality and Catering

Team Leader: Ms K Sankey –

The KS4 vocational award in Hospitality and Catering enables learners to gain knowledge, understanding and skills relating to the Hospitality and Catering sector. This qualification supports learners tin developing the essential employability skills that are valued by employers, further and higher education.

According to the British Hospitality Association, Hospitality and Catering is Britain’s fourth largest industry and accounts for around 10% of the total workforce. Since 2010, over 25% of all new jobs have been within the hospitality and catering sector with the majority of new roles falling within the 18-24 age group.

The Hospitality and Catering department endeavours to:

  • Provide a rich curriculum for KS4 creating challenge and enthusiasm;
  • Develop in learners the knowledge and understanding related to a range of hospitality and catering providers;
  • Stimulate pupils by the work set to fulfil their potential;
  • Emphasise pupil achievements;
  • Provide differentiated learning resources;
  • Provide creative and intellectually appealing lesson experiences for all;
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to take responsibility for their own work and to work positively with others;
  • Provide opportunities for pupils to learn about how Hospitality and Catering businesses operate and what they have to take into account to be successful. They will learn about issues related to nutrition and food safety and how they affect successful hospitality and catering operations. In this qualification, learners will also have the opportunity to develop their food preparation and cooking skills as well as transferable skills of problem solving, organisation and time management, planning and communication;
  • Value and treat each pupil as an individual.

Curriculum Overview