Team Leader: Mrs L Espin –

Science includes:

  • Biology, the study of life and living things
  • Chemistry, the study of chemicals and reactions
  • Physics, the study of forces, electricity, space and gravity

Pupils will learn about how their bodies work and how the world works around us. We combine theory and practical skills to enable pupils to leave school with an understanding of the world, together with team working skills, investigative skills, plus the ability to apply knowledge to new situations and carry out risk assessments.

Science is at the centre of every aspect of our lives and the ability to make sense of our lives and making informed decisions is essential. As well as gaining an understanding of Biology, Chemistry and Physics pupils will learn about investigative work and the use and interpretation of data.

The Science Team has achieved some very positive attainment outcomes over the last few years. In 2022 we achieved our best Y11 attainment data on record for Kettlethorpe High School. We are working to ensure that this positive trajectory and progress journey will continue.

The Team is strategically led by Laura Espin. Laura has worked in a variety of school settings across Yorkshire. The most recent being appointed in a holistic role within Delta Academies Trust. These experiences have contributed significantly to the positive changes we have made to our 5-year curriculum model and in particular to our pupil experiences and outcomes. The department is supported by a wealth of impactful resources that have been adapted to meet the needs of our pupils.

Curriculum Overview