Enquiries about Results (EARs)

As an Examination Centre we must make candidates aware of Enquiries about Results before they sit any examination(s). This includes:

• Which services are available

• The fees involved in those services

• Who to contact to request a service

• Possible outcomes

EARs may be requested following the release of results. The school will obtain the consent of each candidate for clerical checks and post results reviews of marking, as with these services candidates’ marks and subject grades may be lowered. The school will also provide the appropriate JCQ documents to students at the point of receiving their results. A request for a re-moderation of internally assessed work may be submitted without the consent of the group of candidates. The awarding bodies offer the following enquiry about results services for pupils:

Service 1 – Clerical Re-check

This is a re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result. This service will include the following checks:

• that all parts of the script have been marked

• the totalling of marks

• the recording of marks

• if requested, a copy of the re-checked script(s) for those units/components included in the ‘access to scripts’ service. The outcome of the re-check will be reported along with a statement of the total marks awarded for each unit, or component, included in the enquiry.

Service 2 – Review of Marking

This is a post-results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly. The service is available for externally assessed components of both unitised and linear specifications. This service will include:

• the clerical re-checks detailed in Service 1

• a review of marking as described above

• if requested, a copy of the reviewed script(s) for those units/components included as part of the ‘access to scripts service’.


If a parent or carer requests a review of marking or a copy of an examination script, the amount will be charged to the parent/carer to cover costs. This amount shall correspond to any relevant fee levied to the school by the examining body. Permission from the candidate will be obtained prior to the application being made.

All processing of ROMs will be the responsibility of the Exams Officer.

Outcome of Enquiries

The outcome of each enquiry will be confirmed by the respective awarding body to the Exams Officer. The Exams Officer will pass on this result in writing, by post, to the candidate and will also inform the respective subject leader. Where there has been a downgrade, the request will not be revoked, and the original higher grade will not be reinstated.

Access to Scripts (ATS)

After the release of results, candidates may request the return of written exam papers within 14 days of the receipt of results. If a parent or carer requests a copy of an examination script, an amount will be charged to the parent to cover costs. Centre staff may also request scripts for investigation or for teaching purposes. For the latter, the consent of candidates must also be obtained. Reviews of marking cannot be applied for once an original script has been returned. Processing of requests for ATS will be the responsibility of the Exams Officer.

For any exam related queries, please contact our Exams Officer, Nikki Lindop, on nlindop@nullkettlethorpe.wakefield.sch.uk