All pupils are automatically members of our school library and can borrow a wide range of books.

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 have regular library lessons as part of their English classes. They come to the library to select and return books and take advantage of some quiet time to read.

Year 7 take part in our Bookopoly challenge. Our own Monopoly board, made up of different categories of book, encourages our pupils to read and experience a wide genre of books and written materials. Rewards are given for completing colour blocks on the card.

Year 8 have our ‘Starbooks’ loyalty card which gets ticked off when they finish a book. Rewards are given and completed cards go in a prize draw for a book token.

The library regularly gets new books and subscribes to magazines on a variety of subjects including sports, gaming and films. We also subscribe to the First News children’s newspaper.

The library is open every lunchtime.  Pupils can use the library during this break to complete homework or as a quiet space to read. We do ask that they respect the quiet space and eat before they come.

We have pupil librarians that help run the library and support their peers with homework.

Every year we have a visit from the Scholastic book fair giving pupils the chance to browse and buy new books. We also run the Scholastic book club three times a year where books can be purchased and delivered to pupils in school.

Pupils can request and reserve books from the library. We love getting suggestions for books to buy from our pupils.

We also run competitions, quizzes and an annual recycled bookcraft event for Children In Need.

There are lots of fantastic websites linked to books, most authors have their own pages with extra content and downloads. Fantastic Fiction is a great site where you can search authors to get lists in reading order of their books and get suggestions of what to read that may be similar to your favourite authors.

Love reading for kids also gives excellent suggestions of books both new and old for children of all ages.