Vantage Motor Group – TUESDAY 22 NOVEMBER 2022 


Year 9 pupils have taken part in presentations and interactive activities from successful female representatives in the motor industry with the purpose of increasing diversity and female representation in the automotive and related technology sectors, by informing young people about the inclusive cultures and the huge variety of jobs available giving inspiring to consider an automotive career. There is a job for everyone and anyone with a good work ethic within the automotive industry, at every level of academic qualification, from apprentice level to graduate, regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. Our pupils have discovered the automotive sector is not just a place for those who are ‘into cars’ or who have a technical mindset but now understand the industry’s ample opportunities for innovation, creativity, communication, collaboration, customer service, enterprise and commerce. The focus has been on relatable female role models advising young women on how to overcome challenges and navigate their way from school to work and the self-belief to aim for managerial and technical roles.