School Meals

School operates a cashless system with all new pupils having finger scans and photo ID taken. Full guidance on the system is given to the pupils. No cash is accepted at any till at school.

There are 3 methods of payment for your child’s meal:

  1. you can pre-pay online using secure e-payment solution – SIMS Pay ( If you haven’t received a registration code, please contact school;
  2. your child can bring dinner money to school (coins only) to put into the Revaluation Statio;
  3. bank notes and cheques can be put into an envelope and placed into the Post Box. Envelopes must have the pupil’s full name and their tutor group written clearly. Cheques must be made out to WMDC.

Any amount of money can be paid into pupil’s account. Money will be deducted each time food is purchased. A daily limit of £4 is set for all pupils. You can choose to change this limit on request.

Pupils can check their current balance by placing their finger on Revaluation Station or at till point. You can also see the balance if you are using the SIMS Pay.

Lunchtime price list

Product Price Product Price Drink Price
plain pizza £1.20 dish of the day £1.20 Aqua Splash £0.65
pizza + toppings £1.30 chicken burger £1.80 sports cap water £0.60
Theo’s pasta £2.00 noodle pot £1.20 small water £0.35
Theo’s pasta + cheese £2.20 Greek salad £1.20 Capri Sun £0.75
jacket potato + butter £1.05 pudding + custard £0.80 Radnor Fizz £0.65
jacket potato + filling £1.75 yoghurt £0.70 sport cap bottle £0.90
jacket potato + 2 fillings £2.00 flapjack / muffin £0.70 Volvic water £0.90
meal deal £2.00 cake £0.70

Free school meals

For Free School Meals system and advice on how to claim, please refer to the Wakefield Council pages.

The system works exactly the same for all pupils and the amount allocated to a free meal will be automatically entered by the school and will be accessible at meal times.