Dress Code

If for medical reasons your child needs to wear anything else other than accepted footwear, you must support it with a dated medical letter.

If a pupil arrives into school without uniform, they should go to the Pupil Reception immediately where staff will contact parents to remedy the situation and lend them uniform. Pupils will be required to sign for the borrowed items and return them at the end of the day.

Skirt: Not to be rolled up, should be worn just above the knee. Any pupil not following this rule will have to wear trousers.

Hair: extreme hairstyles are not acceptable, e.g. patterns cut into the hair, shaved sides, number 0 or 1 haircuts and hair colours which are outside the natural hair shades. School reserves the right to judge what is extreme.

Jewellery: girls may wear a pair of ear studs (one in each ear lobe) and a small ring/necklace. No other jewellery is allowed. No facial/body piercings. Parents are further advised that jewellery is worn at the owner’s risk and that the school takes no responsibility for the loss of any valuable items. On the grounds of safety however, departments reserve the right to request the removal of jewellery.

The school reserves the right to constantly review and update the jewellery section of its Dress Code. Infringements of this code may result in no jewellery being worn by any pupil on the school site.

Make up: discreet make up is allowed, but it should be natural/subdued. No false eye lashes. Tattoos are not allowed.

Nails: no acrylic or Shellac nails are allowed. Nails should be of a reasonable length due to safety in PE.

Hardship support: There may be occasions where pupils need help in the purchase of specific items needed to meet the uniform expectations. We will provide this directly. Contact your child’s Year Manager if you feel you need any support.