Year 8 Choices Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. Firstly, choose History as your Humanities choice and Geography as your second subject choice

No. You will carry on studying the language you have been learning since Year 7.

All submissions will be monitored, if you fail to enter them by the closing date, a member of Senior Leadership Team will follow it up and contact you directly.

You will be spoken to by a member of Senior Leadership Team to ensure that you have made the correct choice for you. In a small number of cases, you will be guided to make an alternative choice.

If you do change your options, your choices will be limited by the number of pupils on each course. It may be that the subject you choose is full.

Your tutor can help you submit your choices, if you are still struggling, please ring the school office and we will do this for you.

When the forms are collated, the school will then start to process them and you will receive notification towards the end of the academic year confirming your Year 9 choices. Our aim is to give you the subject choice you want, wherever we can.

Where possible, we will try to ensure that every pupils receives their first choice.