Assessment at Key Stage 4


At KS4, we report the grade which your child is most likely to achieve at the end of Y11 based on their current performance.  These predictions are based on evidence of your child’s learning both inside and outside the classroom as well as any assessments which have taken place.  For the majority of subjects, GCSE grades 1-9 are used along with a letter A/B/C to indicate the security of the grade:
  • 4A means we predict that your child will achieve a strong grade 4 and is starting to show signs they could achieve a grade 5
  • 4B means we predict your child will achieve a secure grade 4
  • 4C means we predict your child will achieve a grade 4 but there are gaps in the skills and knowledge required to secure this grade
For those parents/carers who are more familiar with the old GCSE grading system, the following graphic shows how the 2 systems align:
Some pupils study vocational choices subjects and predictions for these subjects are made using the relevant grading systems for those particular courses.


Attitude to Learning:

Evidence clearly demonstrates that there is a close link between the attitude to learning (ATL) grade awarded to your child and the level of progress they make. We therefore suggest, when reading your child’s report, that you pay particularly close attention to the attitude to learning (ATL) grade.

Target Setting and Target Stickers:

 Target stickers on pupils’ books show the grade that pupils are aiming to achieve by the end of the current year and by the end of KS4.  These targets are also shared with pupils and their parents/carers in reports.  These targets are aspirational, based on prior attainment and not a guarantee of success.  Targets do not place a limit on what pupils can achieve either.


Parents/Carers will regularly receive an update on their child’s:
  • Predictions
  • ATL
  • Reading Age
  • Attendance
The final report each year will also include a written statement from the child’s tutor about how the child has developed throughout the academic year.  Reports will be sent out at the following times:
  • Year 9 – December & June
  • Year 10 – February & July
  • Year 11 – October, January & April