Team Leader: Mrs C Donnachie

At Kettlethorpe our mission is for pupils to drop any fears they might have about numbers or Maths. We want them to fully appreciate that Maths is everywhere, not just in the Maths classroom. From its vital part in moving the human race forward in Science, Technology and Engineering, to the simple everyday times when we all need to manage money, handle information and solve problems.

Curriculum Overview:

Key stage 3
Year 7 and 8 study the full range of mathematical topics in banded/broadly set groups. Pupils are regularly assessed by class teachers and towards the end of each term.
Within KS3 all pupils regularly experience a range of rich tasks that widen and consolidate their understanding and develop their functional maths skills.  They cover a variety of topics each year from the four main strands of mathematics; algebra, number, shape and space, and data.

Key stage 4
The GCSE course begins in Year 9 and follows the Edexcel Linear specification with a final exam in Year 11 (3 x 1 hour 30 minute papers). Provision may be made available for some pupils to follow an extra GCSE course in Further Maths to support the transition to A Level, if time allows.

Here is a recommended wider reading list for KS4 pupils.

How to support pupil learning: 
Ensuring that your child has the correct equipment (pen, pencil, ruler and scientific calculator) with them at all times and checking that their weekly homework is complete will help them access the work and remove barriers to learning.

Edexcel Linear Revision Guides are available to order in the department.

ICT and Web based resources: the Mathematics pages on the school VLE provide a range of resources linked to the scheme of work to support pupils’ home learning. These include powerpoints, Maths watch video clips and additional worksheets.
We subscribe to the Hegarty Maths website which contains a vast wealth of resources to support learning at all levels.
The department also recommends the following sites:
PiXL Maths App (KS4)
Kangaroo Maths
Maths is fun
BBC Bitesize for KS3
BBC Bitesize for GSCE Maths