How can Parents and Carers help?

Making that leap from primary to secondary school is exciting, but can be daunting at the same time. There are a few things you can do as parents and carers to make that transition a little less scary.

· As part of your daily exercise, practice the journey to and from school, biking or walking, deciding the best route to take, and become familiar and confident with this.

· Become familiar with a meeting place for getting picked up after school if necessary. We have over 1600 pupils at school, so meeting a little bit further away from the main site will be best.

· Practice a morning routine; getting up, washed and dressed, having breakfast and making sure they have everything they need. Promoting this independence will really help when starting school.

· Practice budgeting for lunches if your child will be having a school dinner. Have a look at this year’s meal choices and price list together.

· Talk to your child about things they are excited about, but also things they may be nervous or worried about. Reassure them, there are another 359 pupils feeling exactly the same and it is OK to feel like this.