World Book Day 2024

We have been celebrating World Book Day today (7th March), below are the activities we have been doing as a school to celebrate this year.
Richer Reading book recommendations and pupil vote – Pupils in Y7, Y9 and Y10 will be encouraged to make book recommendations alongside a form online for parents/carers.
Form tutor design activities and door decoration & WBD book token competition  –  Pupils could re-design their favourite book covers; they could draw their favourite characters; they could create a collection of visual images linked to their favourite stories, genres or themes. It really was up to them. (Please see gallery below of the door designs this year!)
Kettlethorpe Great Big Book Swap Shop – Pupils were encouraged to bring in old/read books which they no longer want and to swap them for free in the Pupil Reception Foyer.
P1-P5 – Extract reading to groups – All Year 7-10 lessons P1-P5 will be started by reading the selected extract from each different book. The idea here is to not read the same story over the different period, but to raise awareness and provide a taster to all pupils of different stories/genres of books so they go away and explore them further in their own time.