Big Bang Competition

Unfortunately, the Year 10 pupils did not make it to the final with their Big Bang Competition entry, but they received very good feedback from the judges and will all receive certificates. It will also be featured on the Big Bang Competition project gallery online. Their project was to plan and design a Sustainable Lunar Base. They produced a prototype model of a single lunar home/pod, a map/plan for the overall base and they also included a PowerPoint with lots of details on how the issue of food, water, oxygen and energy on the moon would be addressed in a sustainable way, with minimal input from Earth.
The pupils involved were Isabella W, Jessica K, Wiktoria P, Annabelle S, Millie K, Ella O’S and Lydia C-M. Izzy, in particular, did a fantastic job organising the group and motivating them all, assigning tasks etc. Well done everyone!