Key Stage 3

Pupils develop a portfolio of work that is broken up into topics. Each project is assessed on individual pieces and pupils are given regular feedback and advice to act upon. Pupils also produce homework projects for each topic that gives them the opportunity to use any media or medium they wish to e.g. video, Photoshop, photography, printing etc.

Year 7 topics include:

  • Introduction to observational drawing and different types of shading.
  • Braque and Picasso cubist still-life.
  • Introduction to the painting techniques and understanding the use of colour.
  • Van Gogh Still-life paintings.

Please read the KS3 Progression Steps for Year 7 Art Still Life | Van Gogh

Year 8 topics include:

  • Two point perspective and optical illusions.
  • Creating work based on the artist M.C. Escher.
  • Developing portraiture looking at realistic pencil portraits, painted cubist portraits.
  • David Hockney Photoshop landscapes.

Please read the KS3 Progression Steps for Year 8 Art | Escher | Self Portrait | Self Portrait ‘Weeping Woman’ style